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The No. 1 in processes of thermal cleaning with dry treatment

What is the concept of INDUSTRIAL OVENS :
Industrial Ovens builds thermal cleaning installations. Material structures are maintained during the thermal cleaning process. After this process, there is a dry follow-up treatment. The thermal cleaning process is a cleaning method with low energy costs, the highest efficiency level and an agreeable ROI. The gasses that originate from the organic materials are thoroughly burned and disintegrated in the incinerator according to European guidelines.

Thermal cleaning
Throughout the thermal cleaning process contamination, coatings etc. are broken down quickly and effectively due to a special warming treatment (low O2 level). Industrial Ovens can treat several types of steel in this way. Moreover we can effectively remove different types of coatings and varnishes through thermal cleaning. The characteristics and structure of the material are hereby preserved due to low oxygen levels. Have a look at our products and services.

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